Types of Guests You Need to Avoid at Any Indian Wedding

We all know that weddings are beautiful. From dancing to trendy songs, having a feast to being emotional, a lot of things packed in one event. But the best part of any wedding is the gathering and meeting people. Whether it is meeting your favorite cousin after years or meeting a completely new person, it is safe to say that you will have a lot of interactions. You may vibe with some guests and can become BFF or you can meet someone you absolutely dislike. There will be a lot of guests and we are here to tell you from whom you should keep your distance for good.

Wedding Guests

Never satisfied and always have something to say mostly negative things. From commenting on someone’s outfit to the wedding food, they just have to spitfire. The best part, they don’t even try to be subtle! So, it is easy to spot them. No idea who gave them the authority to disrupt this beautiful affair but someone should always check on them before they do more damage.

Some Indian weddings have open bars and you can find this yolo master befriending the bartender. They are fun no doubt about it but let’s face it, alcohol is no one’s best friend. An intoxicated person causing a drunk scene can ruin the mood and a lot of people may not be comfortable to even mingle with someone so drunk. They just have to try all the drinks because you only live once!

Weddings are not only exciting for the couple and their family but also for this special person who just wants to play cupid. Most elderly guests use this opportunity to eye unmarried people and match them together. Sometimes it becomes a kind of awkward for people who just want to enjoy the celebration. Instead, they get stuck with playing KBC with matchmakers who just want to know everything about them.

Okay, dancing is one of the most exciting parts of any wedding celebration. And as soon as, DJ starts to roll, you can spot a show-off. They will just take the majority of the dance floor and will start sucking the joy out of dancing for everyone. The worst part is they will try to pull people who are not comfortable dancing. They can’t take no for an answer and soon it becomes a tug of war.

‘My son is this, my daughter is doing that, I went to the Maldives for holiday’, you will absolutely find these type of guests who can’t stop telling you about each and every detail of why they are superior to you. It is a fight that they have to win at all costs. Sometimes, they give too much information which is totally uncalled for. They just have to trigger your inhibitions and once they touch your insecurities, it is euphoria for them. The only question is, why do this?

You can’t control all these factors but you can avoid them or you can try to keep the communication at a very minimal level. Don’t forget that you are here to enjoy yourself and you absolutely have to do it.